Singer and Fine artist


Sam Chara is a soprano singer/songwriter, Cabaret/ performance- and Fine artist.

After studying at the Theatre School in Amsterdam she studied Jazz at the Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands.

Sam Chara became fascinated by different styles of music like world-, classical- and modern.

To express her diversity she started writing her shows incorporating costumes.

Sam moved to France. There she started her original band BOWA. They performed all over Europe; Montreux-Jazz festival in Switzerland, The Paradiso in Amsterdam, Glastonbury Festival, the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, etc.

Once in the U.K. Sam started making costumes for her Cabaret shows. Her Cabaret-acts Samadeus and the DuTchess were born, with many more to follow.
She also performed jazz and started her impersonations of

Edith Piaf

Dolly Parton ( Dolly Pardon)

Shirley Bassey ( Surely Shirley)

Carmen Miranda

Samadeus (Classical)

and more.

You can give Sam a theme, colour, or style and she will create a show around it!
In 2005 she started to work on her classical voice. She took lessons with Marcia Bellami and made her classical voice professional.

In 2009 she brought her cabaret show to Edinburgh and received a 5-star review.
During Covid, it was impossible to perform. This allowed Sam to pick up studying. With a passion for Fine Art, she started her studies at Brighton UNI and graduated in 2023 focusing on Performance Art and Sculpture. She now is doing an MA.

Sam is also a vocal teacher.
don’t be shy, give her a ring and book a lesson!