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The Argus:

Dollytopia was a big hit with the crowds in New Road – LF291011C3
Really enjoyed Dolly Parton tonite..fantastic voice and great fun

Sunday saw Neptune’s first lady of song, Sam Chara, back on stage with the marvellous musical maestro Mr Bing Lyle providing the accompaniment to her wonderful voice. As usual their performance was a delight, those that have seen them before, enjoying it all over again. Those that haven’t, grinning with pleasure as they experience a left bank set from the woman we like to call the most talented tonsils in town!

Zu studio Lewes:

Superstar-SamCha (ra) thank you for delighting many faces and bringing your class act to us… you are always amazing and we are so honoured to have you perform here. ♥ ♥ ♥

ThreeWeeks revieuw TW rating 5/5 Bal Masque Edinburgh Fringe
One won’t see a more eclectic show this month than this cabaret rollercoaster. With elaborate costumes, excellent musicianship and some deadpan gags. It bills itself as Victorian but it’s as if the Tardis has been employed to bring them closer to the now. Competing with the pounding drums from downstairs, this quartet create a powerful show with odes to freedom, love and loss and it would be churlish not to recommend this with utmost vim.


As soon as I saw Alexandra Bowa, aka Sam Chara I knew she was going to be an International Pop Star, her futuristic alien tracks, zombie performed with costume, alien lights, will be worldwide hit, also includes my favourites i dream my dream, third eye, watch out. She reminds me of Kate Bush but then better.


The White Nights arts festival ,Eric Page LGBT Community Safety Officer
Gscene magazine
Another real (and unexpected) highlight of the White Nights festival was ‘Apotheosis’ at 162 North Street, billed as a ‘performance of voice’ this was undersold as what we actually saw was an explosion of incredibly talented people, projected from a balcony on a stunning dressed and lit building. It promised much, as do a lot of these free festivals shows, but this one delivered. Each hour, three different singers appeared, one after another on the balcony to serenade us with a diverse selection of music, showcasing not just their voices, but also cultural background.  I was so impressed with the first show that I went back for two of the others six.   Opening the first performance was a series of tolling bells, very low key and then a women, dressed in black with swept up hair and a smile appeared on the balcony, the music struck up and her voice thrilled and echoed off the surrounding buildings as the crowd was pulled in. It was a stunning opening and the singer, Sam Chara received a huge round of applause from the hefty crowd. It’s not easy to both keep and please a crowd at a free festival event, especially with such thick competition only steps away, but this vibrant , young singer charmed and thrilled the crowd with her beautiful, sad and bel-canto rendition of ‘Un bel di’ from Madam Butterfly,   
I went back for the 10pm show, the crowds knew what to expect by this point, extra stewards had to be drawn in  contain the buzzing expectant crowd and once again Sam Chara opening the show with a breathtaking ‘Una voce poco fa’  by Rossini, as the huge red satin banners undulated in the wind under their stark lights, New Road was once again transformed by this young ladies voice into a living outdoor opera set, it was superb performance, technically brilliant and with a verve and passion that was confidently on show.
Ten out of ten for this part of the white nights festival,

Grant Atkins Samurai Brighton

Sam’s performance was fantastic.  From welcoming our guests, to her final song she was a joy for our audience to behold.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting something a little different yet very special.”

I am the French guy who talked to you at the break at your Piaf show at the latest on Sunday. I wanted to say how great it was. I have seen a few singers who do Piaf and don’t get the French way of delivering those songs. But you were very good, felt the song, a mixture of pain and human hope that Piaf had. She means a lot to me.



oct. 2011 Edith Piaf London Bleeding Heart
Sam was excellent. All our guests have remarked on what a wonderful voice she has and how her charisma filled the room and transported us back to 1950s Paris. Please pass on our sincerest thanks to Sam and the accordionist who provided accompanied her with perfection.
Dollytopia The Latest review magazine:
 The piano on Church Street was having its ivories tinkled by a succession of musicians of varying abilities but it was the Dollytopia event, on the corner of New Road and North Street,