Singer/song writer Cabaretiere


In her latest musical offering, the acclaimed international chanteuse Sam Chara performs her unique tribute to the legendary Edith Piaf.

Accompanied by her own musicians Sam faithfully recreates the songs which leave a lasting legacy.

She also recalls the amazing life of Edith Piaf from street urchin to superstar.

Experience the voice, the emotion, the laughter and the tears.

Sam Chara does not just sing the songs but like Edith Piaf herself she lives them!


Sam Chara is accompanied by backing-tracks or by :

Chris Vaughan Games on accordion/piano

and Paul Witten on double base                                                   


Sam fell in love with the beautiful songs of Edith Piaf whilst working in France. She started to study every aspect of Edith’s life and it immediately became obvious to her that both women had much in common.

They shared the deep passion for music and a number of similar experiences in their lives.

Singing Edith Piaf’s songs come natural to Sam Chara so finally, Piaf et Moi was born; Sam Chara as Edith Piaf!