Singer and Fine artist


Sam Chara is a performer and also a ceramicist. Her favorite material is earthware and she also started experimenting with porcelain.You can scroll down to look at various of her works.

Ceramic Peace Lilies: stoneware,

Flowers:26 by 26 cm

Leaves,Hight: approx.45cm, Leaves: approx.24 by 24 cm

Three Peace Lilies; Porcelain, 10 by 12 cm

Wire Sculpture of the Peace Lily; 100cm by 54 cm ( Playing with Light) UCA exhibition, September 2024

Grounded, ceramic foot, 27 by 23 cm

Ceramic Hearts, 13 by 10 cm

Ceramic creature, glazed 43 by 30 cm

Swaying lady 27 by 25 cm

Humble Lady, 10 by 10 cm