Surely Shirley

Sam Chara will be performing, not only the well known songs like Big Spender and Goldfinger, but also the hidden diamonds like “When You Smile”, “What I did for Love” and other precious tunes that should be heard ,felt and lived by us all!

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the passion and talent of Dame Shirley Bassey brought to you by Sam Chara. This show can be accompanied by backing-tracks or by Sam Chara’s band: 


Tim Young on Keyboard, The Scottish Wildfire!                       

Theseus Gerard on Drums, The legendary choreographer of Stomp.

Chris Hookway on Bass, The steady foundation!

Marylin du Sax on Sax. The sexiest Saxophonist of Brighton.

and of-cause Sam Chara on vocals, This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sureley-3.jpg