Singer and Fine artist


As a performer, the use of photography for documenting works is of great importance. But once a camera at hand, there is so much more to see and document than just performances. With the ability to capture light, movement and experiences it is possible to capture a moment that otherwise might have been long forgotten. The camera has become a magical tool full of exciting opportunities. Below are some of the latest captured moments.

Glasses Waiting

With light, wind, and heat, water changes shape and form.

In the seas, lakes, ponds, puddles.

With rain and weather, water never stays the same.

Its ever-changing qualities never stop to impress and amaze.

Water’s Wonderous Ways

Making Mountains, Switserland:

The following pictures a part of a series of “Broken love

Bluebell Railway 23


Ah Mio Cor, Photography, Chichester UNI 22