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Here you can buy a digital card, a double-sided postcard or a personalised Animal-Saint. Feel free to scroll down to choose your saints and place an order by emailing .

To order a personalised Animal-Saint Sam will choose a Saint and an animal together with you to guide,protect and bless you. To do so you can email and ask for details.

Your unique creature can then be framed in original frame by Sam Chara or printed as a high-quality-print, A5, A4 or A3 format.

So far there are more than 10.000 saints in the world. In the early days they were made by the people. Then, around the 12th century the pope took over and started canonizing people to become a Saint. One can only become a saint after a minimum of 5 years after death.

Animal-Saints are created to memorise the existence of animals and Saints. The souls and personalities of each individual animal has the pureness and human quality that can be seen as sane and miraculous as the characters of the Saints. Sam Chara wants to embrace these qualities to never be forgotten.

All cards are 11cm by 15 cm, double sided, blank inside and come with an envelope. Postage included within the U.K.

1 card £2.99

2 cards £5.-

5 cards £10.-

You can also order a personalised Animal-Saint. for £178.-

sample postcard
Spaniel Jesus
Jesus with his open heart, teaching us kindness,compassion and unconditional love .The Spaniel-dog stands for loyalty , fidelity, nobility and devotion.
Holy Pussy
Saint Mary Magdalene married Jesus, gave him two children and financially supported him. She stands for all women and is the most popular one in the bible. The cat symbolises stealth, mystery and the moon,female energy.
Saint Badger
Saint-Therese, was also called “The Little Flower”. because she loved flowers. She was a sensitive soul. The badger is always ready to defend its boundaries. It symbolises individuality and independence.
Foxy Lucia
Saint-Lucia convinced her mum to give all her wealth to the poor. The fox is wise and cunning. It thinks fast and strategically.
Holy Shiba-Virgin
The Virgin Mary is the role model for mothers and right at the heart of events The Shiba Inu is known for a bold, fiery personality and its good nature.
Holey Horsey Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent was known for his charity and compassion for the poor. He was also known for his reform of the clergy and for his early role in opposing Jansenism. The spirit of the horse stands for the indestructible and human nature of things.
The Rabbit Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick, the Saint of Ireland is the strangest of Saints because originally he wasn’t Irish. He possessed the skill of convincing people with preach and a lot of courage to do so.
The Rabbit symbolises female lunar energy, lust, sacrifice and new life.
Holey Dearus
Jesus with his big open heart shows boundless and passionate love .The the stag is a gentle and pure soul. He is instinctual and represents regeneration, which stems from their antlers being shed and re-grown each year.
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