Singer and Fine artist

The Pink Peace Lily

The Piece lily, also called the Spathiphyllum, is originally a plant with spathe-shaped flowers. It blooms once or twice a year, and its flowers stay for a long time, returning every year again and again. Originally from Colombia, Venezuela, the plant was brought into Europe and other places all over the world, around 1870. It has around 40 varieties, and the Spathiphyllum Bellini is one of them, with its pink, instead of white flowers.

Its big green heart-shaped leaves produce vast amounts of oxygen which makes this remarkable house plant healing and good for your health. When the plant gets thirsty it will dramatically hang its leaves but once watered it will soon proudly stand up again.

The name “Peace Lily” derives from the snow-white petals that represent purity and peace. And the fact that the flowers come back again and again, makes it a symbol of hope, rebirth, fertility, and strength. According to Chinese cultural beliefs (Feng Shui) it can convert negative energies into positive energy, which, again, might have to do with the fact it creates lots of fresh oxygen.

With the Spathiphyllum Bellini, the word “Bellini” is added, translated from Latin as “Beautiful”. The pink flowers still carry the familiar spoon-like shape petal and phallus-like stem that we also see with the original Spathiphyllum. This beautiful, peaceful flower with its pink touch, still represents strength, rebirth, and purity, but now also passion and femininity.

After painting the Spathiphyllum Bellini, it came to mind that the feminine shape of the spoon-like petal, together with the masculine straight proud stem in the middle, has sexual qualities and could represent the penis and vagina. Here they seem to have found perfect harmony.

With the physical pleasures that we share when within a relationship, a new life can be created, in the birth of a newborn, but also emotionally as well as physically. When heart and soul are combined, the meltdown of two beings creates a vulnerability that requires protection and care. Just as with the beauty of a flower of a rare sort, it will create room for joy and peace, but if the flower is not looked after it will fade and lose existence. A strong foundation and care are fundamental for growth and life to simply exist. This foundation can then create room for mental, and emotional growth.

Passion, lust, and love evoke negative as well as positive emotions, making us vulnerable and surfacing our weakest and most subconscious feelings.  Reflected within a partner, as when looking into a mirror, confrontations with their lessons to be learned now are shared with a loved one. By breathing, feeling, and tasting each other’s body, soul, and mind in unity, the penis and vagina both are the portals to this powerful learning pathway. Both fit like a puzzle and open an enormous energy channel where new families are created. The pink peace Lily stands for this perfect harmony between the masculine and the feminine. Its sexual energy comes from the deepest and purest source; the subconscious mind.

As the Spathiphyllum carries both masculine and feminine in one flower, this beautiful harmony between both sexes also can be found within the existence of one single human being. We all have a masculine and feminine side with a balance therein that is different for everyone. It can sometimes take time to find and accept ourselves and find peace within the physical, mental, and emotional realm of our sexual energy. Once we can accept who we are and create a loving relationship with ourselves, it will make it easier to find a peaceful relationship with another. When the earth that a plant is growing on lacks nutrition or is unstable, a plant can lose its will to survive. This can be compared with the relationships we have. When we lack a solid healthy foundation, we often lack self-love. This can result in attracting the wrong partner and ending up in a situation where traumatic experiences are repeated.  Breaking this pattern can take a lifetime. Constant work and healing are required to achieve the strength and harmony of the Peace Lily.